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Quality Amplifiers in Southeast Texas

You’ve spent endless hours crafting your skills and style. Doesn’t your music deserve an appreciative audience? At Guitar & Banjo Studio, you’ll discover an array of amplifiers that make it easy to be audible.
Project Your Sound
As music lovers since 1967, we know how thrilling it is when you make that connection with people. Of course, it takes a robust, low-distortion amp to capture people’s interest and hold onto it. Just tell us about your performance style and playing situation, and we’ll help you choose the best options.
Find Your Amp
The world of amplifiers can be confusing. Will you require a full combo amp or a just a power unit to go with your existing cabinet? Will you sound better playing a tube, solid-state or hybrid? How much wattage do you need to reach audiences?
Fortunately, we make it simple to master these questions and more. We can hook you up with hardware built to emit a distinct sound or point you towards more versatile devices that let you experiment freely.
Bassman® and Cyber-Deluxe™
We offer the following Fender bass and guitar amplifiers.

Bassman® 100

The Bassman® 100 combo is well equipped for the studio, medium-volume live gigs or as the perfect inspirational practice amp. With 100 watts of power being pumped through a 15" Fender® Special Design Eminence speaker, there is no denying its serious low end. The balanced XLR output has a level control with ground lift and can be assigned pre or post EQ (to give the sound engineer a flat signal to mix from). Another great feature is a killer sounding on-board Compressor to help even-out physical attack nuances and give a more consistent sounding performance. A dual LED pre-amp clip indicator lets you know exactly how much headroom you have to work with.

Bassman® 60 Combo

Bassman® 60 Combo
The Bassman® 60 Combo is as small or as large as you need it to be. Small in terms of size and portability, big in terms of tone! If the gig requires a little more juice, send a signal out of the balanced XLR output directly to the house PA and you'll be putting your own root down. Another great aspect of this amp is its versatile tone controls. There is an enhance switch to scoop the mids and a semi-parametric EQ for detailed mid-range. You can dial the specific frequency and cut or boost the signal to flavor your sound perfectly. A power clip light will let you know if the signal is clipping and if it does, you can tone it down by switching on the limiter. An Effects Loop rounds out the combo and allows you to route your stomp boxes and rack gear after the gain stage of the amp.

Bassman® 25 Combo

Bassman® 25 Combo
The Bassman® 25 Combo is the perfect practice amp and can be defined as the "feather-weight champion" of the bass combo world. An extremely focused 25 watts drives a high-quality eminence speaker that will gracefully handle the low "b" of a 5-string bass. The wedge cabinet design sits straight or angles back to point the speaker up where you can hear it. Beyond sounding killer and being easy to use, it's the details that set the Bassman 25® apart from its competition. Tune silently between songs with the tuner-out and mute switch. Push the enhance switch to scoop out the mids, which is perfect for aggressive thumb-style playing. Rehearse along to CDs through the auxiliary input or silently with the Headphone jack.

Bassman® 200 Combo

Bassman® 200 Combo
With 200 watts of power, this combo produces enough low end to wake the neighbors! A warm, full-boded 15" Fender® Special Design Eminence 15" speaker combined with a high frequency compression driver horn (with attenuator) gives the player a wide range of sonic options. Other features include an active/passive input pad selector and semi-parametric mid range with level and frequency controls. The heavy-duty handles make transporting easy. Plus, the room balance control allows you to dial-in great tone in any room—from thick pile carpeting to cement basement floors.


The new Cyber-Deluxe is a dream come true for any guitarist. It's got gig-worthy power, tons of high-quality tones and effects, and versatile studio and stage patching capabilities—yet you can fit it in the back seat of the car!
The Cyber-Deluxe's 16 amp collection presets and 16 custom shop presets are stored permanently, and another 32 presets are user-rewritable for a total for 64 presets. A complete pallete of DSP effects with mono and stereo patching capabilities is at your command. The all-analog preamp internally configures itself before or after the tone controls to create real amplifier feel and tones, from Tweed and Blackface, through British and Modern. DSP effects like delay and chorus are placed post-distortion in the signal path, while effects like touch-wah are pre-distortion for unparalleled flexibility. More than just a "scaled-down" model, the Cyber-Deluxe is an explosive instrument with a distinctive voice all its own.
We’re Happy to Help
We pride ourselves on our expertise and love of art. No matter what your current equipment setup is like, we can provide amplifiers tailored for harmonious integration and superior sound. Visit us in person for a listening tour today.