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Excellent Electric Guitars in Southeast Texas

Electric guitar
No matter what kind of music you play, you must start with a quality instrument. At Guitar & Banjo Studio, we’ve gathered a staggering collection of electric guitars with tones to suit every taste.
Create a clean sound that perfectly complements your voice. Venture into the realms of unhindered sonic experimentation with a 7- or 12-string. From basses to standard learner models, we’ve got everything that you need to get plugged in and start jamming. You can even take a class with us to learn more about your guitar and how to play it.
High-Quality Guitars
The Guitar & Banjo Studio team specializes in helping you choose the perfect instrument to match your playing style. Whether you’re a total beginner or a veteran in search of new ways to play, we’ve stocked the ultimate range of solid, hollow, chambered and semi-acoustic guitar bodies that let you achieve the sound you’ve been seeking.
Our Experts Make the Difference
Our love affair with music dates back nearly 50 years. Although a lot has changed on the music scene since those early days, we’re still just as honored for the chance to help you pursue your musical art.
We’ve hunted far and wide to source guitars that cater to diverse playing styles, tunings and amplifier setups. Whether your favorite stage is a nightclub, a garage or your bedroom recording studio, you’re guaranteed to find melodic instruments that fit in perfectly.
Stop by Today
You’ve got the rhythm and big dreams, now find an electric guitar to match. Visit us the next time you’re in southeast Texas to change the way you play.